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Achieve a Smooth and Level Surface with Professional Concrete Leveling Services

Uneven or sunken concrete surfaces not only detract from the appearance of your property but can also pose safety hazards and lead to costly damage if left untreated. Whether you’re dealing with a sunken driveway, patio, or sidewalk, the experts at Amarillo Concrete Works are here to help. With our professional concrete leveling services, we can quickly and accurately lift and level sunken concrete, restoring the integrity and stability of your surfaces with minimal disruption to your property.

The Importance of Concrete Leveling

Amarillo Concrete leveling

Uneven concrete surfaces can occur for a variety of reasons, including soil erosion, settlement, and poor installation. Regardless of the cause, uneven concrete not only affects the aesthetic appeal of your property but can also create tripping hazards and drainage issues. In addition, uneven concrete can lead to further damage over time, as water pools in low-lying areas and causes erosion and deterioration.

By addressing uneven concrete promptly with professional concrete leveling services, you can prevent further damage, improve the safety of your property, and restore the beauty and functionality of your surfaces.

Our Concrete Leveling Process

Amarillo Concrete leveling

At Amarillo Concrete Works, we utilize advanced concrete leveling techniques to lift and level sunken concrete quickly and efficiently. Our process typically involves the following steps:

Site Assessment: Our experienced technicians will inspect the affected area to assess the extent of the damage and determine the best course of action.

Injection of Polyurethane Foam: We use high-density polyurethane foam to lift and level the sunken concrete. Small holes are drilled into the concrete, and the foam is injected underneath, expanding to fill voids and raise the slab to the desired level.

Precision Leveling: Using specialized equipment and techniques, we ensure that the concrete is leveled with precision and accuracy, leaving you with a smooth and even surface.

Finishing Touches: Once the concrete is leveled, we fill any remaining voids and seal the surface to protect against moisture and further damage.

Benefits of Concrete Leveling

Amarillo Concrete leveling
  • Safety: Uneven concrete surfaces can create tripping hazards and pose safety risks for pedestrians and vehicles. Concrete leveling eliminates these hazards, creating a safer environment for you and your family.

  • Prevents Further Damage: Addressing uneven concrete promptly with concrete leveling can prevent further damage and deterioration, saving you time and money on costly repairs in the long run.

  • Improves Curb Appeal: A smooth and level concrete surface enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property, improving curb appeal and potentially increasing property value.

  • Long-lasting Results: Our professional concrete leveling services are designed to provide long-lasting results, ensuring that your surfaces remain level and stable for years to come.

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